Asoriba Usability Testing

A usability testing session for Asoriba to determine which areas on their platform which needed improvement for their user experience

User Testing Moderator


To determine gaps on the Asoriba mobile app for user experience improvement

Research Goal

The end goal for the project was to discover usability issues with the Asoriba mobile app and recommend actions to take to help improve user retention


Asoriba is a church management platform where users can do. Asoriba wanted to help with user retention and a proposed solution of user testing their app was offered.

Research Methodology

For our user testing session, we recruited participants who were Asoriba mobile users. Participants were screened beforehand and eventually, 8 participants were recruited to partake in the sessions.

Usability Testing Sessions

Each participant lasted about 30 mins. After each participant, they was an exit interview where they were asked about their experience with the app and what they thought needed to be improved.

After the session, we sent our recommendations to the Asoriba team with quotes from the participants as well as the video sessions. Specified areas that needed improvement was provided in a user test report to help the company to improve user retention.