Bambwa User Research Project

A user research project to understand music listening habits of Ghanaians and their attitudes towards ads on streaming platforms

User Researcher


To understand Ghanaians and Nigerians' attitude towards music streaming and online advertising and to determine openness toward a product that employed that pricing package

Project Goal

The project goal was to determine Ghanaian and Nigerian attitudes towards advertising while listening to music on streaming platforms and if they would be open to using a service that uses advertising to subsidise the cost of streaming.


Bambwa, a Swedish based music company, wanted to conduct user research in the Ghanaian and Nigerian market on how receptive their music streaming product would be in Ghana and Nigeria.

The company wanted to know attitudes towards music streaming in general and the receptiveness towards having ads subsidize their online music streaming experience.

Research Methodology

For this project, we decided to employ two methodologies: A qualitative and quantitative approach.

For our qualitative approach, we conducted two focus group sessions with targeted demographics approved by Bambwa.

For the quantitative method, a survey was designed with Bambwa's specifications and distributed and conducted them on university campuses, malls and sent them to participants online.

Focus Group Sessions

For our focus group sessions, we recruited participants according to Bambwa's specifications. Some prerequisites for participants included being smartphone users and were active users or had used music streaming platforms in the past. We conducted two separate focus group sessions to gather more data from two different demographics

Each session lasted about an hour with participants discussing their music streaming habits, their favourite genres and how they would react if ads were subsiding the price of their music streaming experience.

Key Takeaways

After the research was conducted, here are a few takeaways from the research: