ExpressPay Landing Page Redesign Concept

A redesign of the ExpressPay landing page to highlight the main features of the ExpressPay mobile app

March 2020
UI Designer, Web Developer


A redesign of the ExpressPay landing page to highlight the main features of the ExpressPay mobile app

Project Goals

To create a better landing page highlighting the features that the ExpressPay app offers


(Disclaimer: I don’t work for expressPay or have any affiliation. I just decided to randomly use them as a case study)

Lots of Ghanaian companies aren’t always great at creating websites. The websites are bland, not visually appealing and sometimes incomplete.A great website can make a great first impression for first time customers and even potential investors.

It can help drive traffic and also build your brand. Most modern brands have great visually designed homepages which highlight the features of their app, services or products.

Screenshot of a website called Carbon

The Nigerian startup Carbon has a great looking website which highlights it mobile app.

It's "Hero Section" shows off the mobile app with both the Google  and Apple playstore being its "Call To Action".

The rest of the sections on the homepage highlight most of the major features of the app.

With these inspirations, I decided to work on a small project to redesign a local Ghanaian startup’s websites, using the same principles of the aforementioned sites. I decided to pick a local fintech brand. I chose ExpressPay.

ExpressPay is one of the well known fintech companies in Ghana. They are well known for their excellent customer services as well as the services they provide including payment of data, internet and many more.

Although their app is visually appealing, their website doesn’t show the same level of design.

It shows the bare minimum on the homepage. There’s a slider showcasing different features and three images at the bottom highlight some of the features. Underneath the slide highlights the features of top ups, bill payments and security.

After that, there’s a BIG footer with their address and customer service number and an email address. But the ExpressPay has many other features which are not highlighted on its homepage including QR payments and Instant Bank Transfers.

Using some of the same concepts from the Carbon web design, I redesigned the ExpressPay website to be more visually appealing while highlighting some of their mobile app’s features.

So here’s what the redesign looks like:

Screenshot of new Expresspay website

I designed in a “hero section” with some a little bit of copy and added the respective app store badges for Google and Apple where the mobile app is currently available.

On the navigation bar is the logo and two CTA buttons for “Sign Up” and “Login”.

Screenshot of expresspay header

For the rest of the page, I selected features which would be enticing to a first time user including the ability to add your bank card and mobile money, QR Payments and Bank Transfers.

Screenshot of new Expresspay website showing off features

On the bottom, I  added all the other features you would expect on the ExpressPay app. All the icons were custom created by myself using ExpressPay's current color scheme of Orange and Blue.

Icons showing Expresspay features

And lastly, I added a section with a Call To Action section with a button asking a user to “Sign Up” to use the ExpressPay service.

Screenshot of Sign up module for expresspay

Full Web Design

Here's the full finished design of the landing page:

Screenshot of new full Expresspay website

Here's the before and after for the redesign

Screenshot of Expresspay website
Screenshot of new Expresspay website

You can also check out the live version of the webpage here:

I continue to work on iterations of the live site including adding animations and small design changes.