RizzPay Influencer Platform

A platform for influencers to track payments from companies and brands and to make tax payments

UX Designer

Project Goal

The end goal was to design a prototype for influencers and content creators to track payments from brands and companies and to make tax payments to local authorities

The Problem

African content creators and influencers struggle with fragmented payment processes and receiving payments (especially international payments)

Content creators and influencers face significant challenges when managing their earnings, taxes, and financial statements.

The current payment process is complex, time-consuming, and error-prone, leading to missed opportunities and potential legal issues.


Influencer Marketing is a $21+ Billion Industry (Statista)

In 2022, influencer advertising spending in Africa reached $159.90 million. (LinkedIn)

79% of content creators said they were not completely confident that they could handle invoicing and payments on their own (Tipalti, 2022)

Most payment platforms in Africa are focused solely on “payments” and not other aspects of financials including taxes especially for content creators


RizzPay is an all-in-one solution that streamlines payments for content creators and influencers

It automates tax calculations, and generates accurate payment statements

Our platform empowers creators to focus on what they do best while leaving the financial management to us.


Online Payments

Instant and secure payments to African content creators supporting various payment methods

Automated Tax Calculations

Intelligent tax calculation based on earnings and regional tax regulations, ensuring compliance and avoiding tax-related hassles.

Tax Payment Integration

Direct integration with tax authorities for hassle-free tax payments, saving time and minimizing errors.

Payment Statements

Automated creation of clear and detailed payment statements for easy record-keeping and transparency.

Analytics Dashboard

In-depth insights into earnings, taxes, and payment trends, helping creators make informed financial decisions.