Klarity Usability Testing

User testing for the Klarity website and mobile application

User Testing Moderator


To identify areas for usability improvement in the Klarity website and the Klarity mobile application

Research Goal

The goal for this usability research to identify usability problems on both the Klarity web and mobile platform and recommend changes or additions for a better user experience for Klarity's end users


Klarity is a Swedish based organisation which develops digital tools that support corruption fighters in exposing injustice and mobilising citizen engagement.

Research Methodology

To help with achieve our goal, we employed a user testing session where we recruit participants of different demographics and social statuses to help identify usability issues with the Klarity web and mobile application.

User Testing Sessions

For the user testing sessions, we recruited 8 participants for testing the web platform and 8 participants for testing the mobile platform.

We designed different tasks for users to perform. In each of those tasks, users were encourage to talk "aloud" about what they're doing and voicing out any concerns when undertaking the tasks. As moderator, I helped monitor the users' tasks and noted down their experiences.

After each participant finished their tasks, they were given a mini-survey to speak about the experience.

After the user testing sessions, all the data was collected and compiled into a report which was sent to the Klarity team. Recommendations were provided on how to improve the user experience on both their web and mobile platforms.