👋🏽 Hi.
I'm Joseph-Albert

I'm a Human, a UX Designer, a Content Publisher and a Data Nerd

I'm a User Experience Designer from Ghana (🇬🇭) specializing in User Interface Design and User Research

I'm also an online content publishing and podcaster

Previously at Jetstream Africa and Flutterwave

Currently heading Userhub Africa

A (Little) About Me

👋🏽 Hi. My name is Joseph-Albert Kuuire. I'm from Accra, Ghana. I am a self taught User Experience Designer currently focusing on User Interface Design and User Research.

I switched career paths from IT Security Auditing to creating user digital experiences for companies and clients.

I'm currently heading Userhub Africa, a usability and design startup in Ghana where we focus on market research, user research, UI/UX design and digital marketing.

I'm also a content publisher in charge of Tech Labari, a digital news platform covering technology news in the Ghana and Africa tech ecosystem

What I (Mostly) Do

UX And Web Design

A design board with design tools

Professionally, I'm a user experience designer and researcher. I design web and mobile experiences for clients and companies as well as conduct user and market research

Research and Analysis

A man reading a phone with text behind him

I occasionally research and write reports related to the Ghana and Africa tech ecosystem. Reports can be found on Tech Labari

Content Creation

A man reading a phone with text behind him

I'm the creator and editor for a leading African tech news publication called Tech Labari. I also create podcast content

Some Of My Selected Design Work

Over the years, I've work on different projects including experimental concepts, in-house work projects and client projects. Here are some of my selected designs

Jetstream Landing Page

Designing a landing page for the Jetstream website

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Picture of user interface of online bank on smartphone

Challenger Bank Concept

Designing a "Challenger" Bank app concept in Ghana

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walulel design system

Walulel Design System

Building a design system for the Walulel Product Ecosystem

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Influencer Payment Platform

Designing a platform for influencers to track payments and pay taxes

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Image of three screens of dating apps

Ghana Dating App

A dating app solution for young Ghanaians looking to get the right match

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Brands And Companies I've Worked With

Below are some of the companies that I've worked for and worked with on design and user research projects

Bambwa Logo
Africa foresight group logo